About Me

I was born in Atlanta Georgia and was raised in a small suburban town called Paulding County. I discovered theatre when I was in the 4th  grade. I was about 9 years old and I did not know what this 'theatre thing' was but I loved it.  I remember being so excited to rehearse in the gym, learning choreography, singing, and pretending to be other people. My first role was Henry Clay in the musical American Dream I had one line, but I loved every moment of it. That's when I learned that theatre was for me. 

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Valdosta State University with an emphasis of study in Musical Theatre in May of 2020. During my time in college, I learned a lot about myself and the art that I wanted to create. I was the musical theatre kid who would learn my lines and blocking and once I was done rehearsing my parts for the musical I was cast in, I would sit in the wings, or out in the audience chairs writing plays.  As an artist, I strive to create works that have a powerful message speaking on themes of social change, positive representation, queerness & blackness. I want to be a voice for the underrepresented groups in America.  I plan to continue cultivating my skills, expanding my career opportunities, and learning to find joy in every circumstance, both personally and professionally.

Let the growth begin!


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