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The Golden Loc is a TYA (Theater For Young Audiences) play inspired by African Mythology. The story centers on a little Black girl (Zia) who learns to embrace her unique locs, beauty, and magic within

This play was developed during my 9-month Fellowship at The Union for Contemporary art in 2022. We did a sample reading at the Fellow showcase in November of 2022. There are pictures below from the reading. This play is a love letter to the many Black women who have shown me love, support, and protection. 


Twas the Night Before Bah-Humbug was inspired by Charles Dicken’s classic The Christmas Carol but it has a modern twist. Preston is a teenage boy who hates the Christmas season, and no one knows the reason why. He’s rude; he’s mean, and he’s everything in between! Later, he discovers that he is the modern-day Scrooge and meets a few festive holiday characters who take him on a whimsical journey of self-discovery. Will Preston ever learn his lesson that it’s wrong to be bitter during the holiday season? Or will he forever be a Scrooge?

While in College in 2019, I collaborated with the Genders & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) on campus and directed a staged reading of the piece. We had an Ugly Christmas Sweater reading with snacks, hot cocoa, and a photo booth.

Twas the Night Before Bah-humbug Live Playreading, performed at Valdosta State University

Directed by: Prentiss Matthews III 

The Gay Roommate is a Dramedy about two roommates who are at odds because they come from two different worlds. One roommate is straight, and the other roommate is gay. The play touches on themes of tolerance, homophobia, self-acceptance, friendship, and personal growth. Will these two roommates find common ground, or will they stay at odds?


Before COVID-19 restrictions, I was working with VSU NAACP,  Gender's Sexuality Alliance (GSA), & The Student Diversity & Inclusion group to do a staged reading of my most recent play The Gay Roommate in April 2020. Unfortunately, The staged reading was canceled. But, in June of 2020, The cast and crew of the Gay Roommate did a virtual reading of the play. 

At the beginning of 2021, I was commissioned to do a scene from my recent play The Gay Roommate, at Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre Company. I wrote & directed this scene with a brilliant cast of actors that I have worked with before. 

The goal of this commission was to represent joy & pain in Black life. So, I chose to showcase joy & pain in Queer Black life. 

Click the video to see more of my videos. 

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